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Neighbourhood Support Bucklands Beach / Pakuranga Inc, believes the Neighbourly website is a very useful communication tool for each neighbourhood.  Individuals are urged to use their discretion when entering personal details as you would for any other social type site.. Neighbourhood Support is pleased to support ‘Neighbourly’ but does not endorse the site.

Sale of Alcohol during the Easter Break

 Liquor Link – a regular update from Auckland Council about alcohol licensing and alcohol issues in Auckland. 

In this edition we look at the rules around service on licensed premises over the long weekends this month – Easter and ANZAC.  Both of these weekends have restrictions on the hours that you can sell or serve alcohol under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (SSAA) 2012. If you are still unsure about how this affects your premises, please do speak to our Alcohol Licensing team.  We also have an update on the Local Alcohol Policy which will soon be available for public submission.  To read the complete newsletter click here.

The ‘sacrosanct’ days this month are during the Easter break and ANZAC Day and how it will affect licensed premises so here is a reminder of what is and isn’t allowed under the SSAA.

  1. All on-licences, (with the exception of casinos and airside at an international airport), cannot sell or supply alcohol or allow consumption on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and prior to 1pm on Anzac Day.  This includes stadiums, domestic aircraft, domestic airport terminals, ferry’s and entertainment venues such as brothels.
  2. The exceptions to this is the sale of alcohol to guests staying at a licensed premises such as a hotel / guest house and patrons dining on a licensed premise  – for example a restaurant serving Easter Sunday lunch. It is really important to note that a person is not present on licensed premises to dine if they are there all day!  The Act strictly states that ‘dining’ on these dates is actually not more than an hour before a meal is served or more than an hour after the meal is finished.
  3. Off-licences (bottle stores, wine shops, supermarkets for instance) cannot be open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday at all. There are limited exceptions for cellar doors. Off-licences can open for business on Anzac Day at 1pm.

For a copy of the legislation, go to the Ministry of Justice website and view the SSAA, section 47 & 48

Meeting Held for Street Contacts

22 people met at the Trinity Scout Hall in Pakuranga on Saturday afternoon 5th April to review a new training aid for the Street Contacts. Feedback led to several changes being made to the training aid.  Guest Speaker Casey Eden spoke about the new ‘Neighbourly” website which will make it much easier for families in each street to exchange news and views on matters to do with the street. Police are also able to send out messages to all those signed up in individual communities and give warnings about incidents and activities occurring nearby.

During the meeting a number of prizes were handed out including a large basket of food items donated by ‘Countdown’, and parcels containing an Easter egg, packet of tea and a very nice mug donated by the ‘Neighbourly’ team.

IMG_4542  IMG_4548

Pat Hellier transferred

Pat HellierFour members of the Bucklands Beach / Pakuranga Neighbourhood Support Committee attended morning tea at the Howick Police Station on Wed 2nd April to wish Community Constable Pat Hellier well for the future in his new frontline role based at the Ormiston Road Police Station.

Pat has served the Howick and neighbouring communities for over seven years and his friendly smiling face will be missed by the team.   Others present included two members of the Howick Community Patrol Committee who work closely with the Police and Pat’s five Police colleagues.

If going to the beach this weekend, read on

This is an advisory that Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management will be testing their public alerting systems on Sunday 6 April at midday. These tests are carried out twice yearly on the daylight savings change over.

Systems we will be testing include
• Tsunami sirens in the north and west
• North Shore tsunami notifier
• OPTn SMS system
• Public Alerting Platform (smartphone apps, website, SMS, social media)

Tsunami sirens
We test the tsunami sirens in the north and west to check operational performance and familiarise residents with the siren tones.

The locations of sirens in the north are:
• Point Wells, Whangateau, Omaha, Waiwera

The locations of the sirens in the west are:
• Bethells Beach Te Henga, Piha North, Piha South, Karekare, Whatipu
• Little Huia,  Huia
• Te Atatu South,  Harbour View Road, Te Atatu Peninsula North
• Westpark Marina, Hobsonville Airbase (Harrier Point), Herald Island

What does the test sequence sound like?
The test sequence will be three sets of tones, each signaling a specific action. They will sound for one minute each and there will be 15 seconds between each set. In an emergency, tones will sound for longer. The siren patterns and the way they will sound in an emergency are:

Alert (dash – dash – dot – dot) – Evacuate beaches, prepare for full evacuation and monitor the radio or television for more information.
Evacuate (dot – dot – dot) – Immediate evacuation to the nearest safe high ground and avoid using personal transport unless essential.
All clear (continuous tone) – Return to premises if they have not been affected and follow directions of the emergency services if your area has been affected.

There will be media coverage of the tests.  Please feel free to circulate this e-mail freely.
Kind regards
Nicky Tayler
Auckland Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Neighbours Day celebrated


Neighbours Day picnics were held at Pakuranga Heights and Burswood community over the weekend of the 29th and 30th March 2014.

120 residents from Reelick Ave, Hope Farm and Studfall St met at the Reelick Ave Park playground at 3pm on the Saturday for fun and games and a BBQ of sausages and chicken drumsticks.  This event was MC’d by Ho Yoong and Esther Hoh who also organised the day assisted by David Thorpe.

200 residents from Burswood Ave and surrounding streets met at the Burswood Ave Park between 11am and 2pm and enjoyed a picnic lunch interspersed with games and prizes etc. This day was organised by Janita Isaacs and our thanks go to her for a well organised event.

The residents in Palmyra Close also met on the Sunday and had a most enjoyable afternoon.

Both events were heavily sponsored by the ‘Neighborly’ website crew who provided the tents, the bouncey inflatable castles and many of the prizes. We are very grateful to ‘Neighbourly’ for their tremendous support, and also to the Auckland Council who provided the food and soft drinks. Our thanks also to ‘Countdown’ Botany who supported the Burswood event with gifts and prizes.

IMG_3982  Burswood Neighbours Day

Photos from Burswood’s day.

Animals in the Neighbourhood – Legal nuisance or not?


If animals being kept by a person affect a neighbour in an unreasonable and substantial way, this may amount to a legal nuisance and the person affected may be able to take legal action to stop the nuisance.

Most local councils also have bylaws covering the keeping of domestic animals in towns and cities (including how many may be kept). Read this article and be well informed.

Prevention 101 – NZ Police

The latest NZ Police Prevention 101 has been published.  The topics in this issue are:

  • Suspicious Activity – call 111
  • Burglary Prevention
  • SNAP – you really need to know about this tooll
  • Red Traffic Lights – Campaign starts 1st week April
  • Synthetic cannabis
  • Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111
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