Be safe at the market

Julia WilliamsTHBBy Community Constable Julia WIlliams

It’s Saturday night at the Pakuranga Plaza.

The marquees and the signage for the stalls are set up and the place is humming. The different aromas coming from the food stalls are amazing and the atmosphere is great.

The Pakuranga Night Market is on every Saturday night from 6pm to midnight, with thousands of people from all cultures drawn to The Warehouse underground car park.

It’s a great place to go but beware of opportunists who like to take advantage of people at popular events like this.

Here are ways to keep yourself safe while enjoying the market:  Click this link to read moreBe safe at the market

Take particular note of the comment about accompanying under 16 year olds.

Police 101 newsletter for Sept 2014


Click here to display the newsletter as a PDF document.


- Do your part to prevent crime – some hints to help secure your property

- Car crime – did you know 80% of cars stolen were made before 2003?

- Automatic number plate recognition – Have you seen the van driving around?

- Party Safe – Register you party with the police using this email link

- Phone scams – A scam using the IRD name

- Firearms security – do you know the requirements for keeping firearms at home?

- Call Crimestoppers  – 0800 555 111and  when to call.

- Coming up in Counties Manukau

Zero alcohol allowed for under 20 drivers

Drive to keep them safe

(This article also appeared in the Easter Courier on the 22nd August 2014)

I am currently dealing with a number of young people for driving offences.

  • Some have driven too fast for the road conditions
  • Some have too little driving experience
  • Others have driven under the influence of alcohol

A law change was introduced in 2011 where the level of alcohol allowed for drivers under 20 was reduced to zero.

This initiative was introduced to improve the safety of young drivers and the general public. If a young driver is found to have a blood alcohol level between zero and 250 micrograms per litre of breath, they will receive an infringement notice with a $200 fine and 50 demerit points. If they get caught twice their licence is suspended for three months due to demerit accumulation.

If your child has a drivers licence, here are some tips that may help them avoid a car crash. Click here to view the tips.

Stewart Green
Botany Community Constable





Something to watch out for

MothPlantTHBMoth plant is a pest and needs eradicating

Originating from South America, moth plant is a serious pest in New Zealand and smothers existing native vegetation. It poses a significant threat to our native forests, urban reserves and gardens as it grows quickly and dominates other plants, making it difficult for them to grow.

Each seed pod produces between 250-1000 seeds, which are spread by the wind. The seeds can travel up to 40 kilometres and remain viable for many years.  Be a good neighbour and keep an eye out for this pest.  But do be polite if you are bringing it to some else’s attention.  A nice way of breaking the bad news might be to offer to help your neighbour remove the infestation.

Join the “Society totally against Moth Plant” (STAMP on Facebook) infestation or alert the Society where you have seen the plant.

Richard Henty from STAMP says “thanks for putting us in the community group newsletter. I’m going to be asking anyone who “walks their neighbourhood” to become mappers (and/or extractors), so if you could mention that, that would be great. ”  (Happy to. Editor)

Click here to see a photo and more details about eradication.

Random acts of kindness

RAKcardTHBMonday September 1st is New Zealand’s Random Acts of Kindness Day. And this year it celebrates 10 years (yes TEN YEARS!) that NZ has been the only country in the world to celebrate a national RAK Day!

Follow this link and you’ll find ideas to get you started, a bit about why on earth we started this day in NZ,.  There are some free downloadable resources on the RAK site so you can print out little ‘You’ve been RAK’d’ cards and give them out with your own random act.

Fraud and Scams

ScamsI have noticed recently an increase in the amount of scams coming to the attention of the police. The majority appear to be originating overseas.

Being aware of what to look for and knowing what to do is important to protect yourself.

One scam appearing in our area is where a phone call is received from a person pretending to be from a government department. Remember that New Zealand has an excellent reputation and is regarded as one of the most corruption free countries in the world. The scams we have seen are ……. FRAUD AND SCAMS Click to read more.

By Sergeant Paul Devane
NZ Police, Howick

Local Neighbourhood Support Team helping out








Three members of the Pakuranga and Bucklands Beach Neighbourhood Support Committee attended a startup meeting in the Mangere Town Centre on the 31st July where seven Policemen and ten citizens were wanting tips on how to start street groups in their community.  Our local committee members presented a 75 minute training session and answered questions from those present.  It was apparent that while many of their concerns were common to our neighbourhood, they also had some quite different challenges to deal with. It was a most enjoyable and interesting night. The meeting was set up by Rosetta RetiSimanu of the Auckland Council.

Howick Board Newsletter July 31st 2014









Here is the latest Howick Community Board newsletter.  The topics are:

  • Auckland’s 21 local boards have developed their draft local board plans for 2014-2017. You can have your say on the plan for Howick Local Board plan by going to You can have your say until Wednesday 6 August 2014.
  • Libraries remain the centre of most communities and are more than just books. They are community hubs, filled with activities, meetings, education and much more.
  • Launch your career with us. Applications are opening soon for the February 2015 intake of the Auckland Council Graduate Programme.
  • Have your say on the draft Community Grants Policy which guides the allocation of council funding to groups and organisations involved in the delivery of projects, activities and service which benefit our community.
  • The lost treasure that is McLeans Park

Click this link to view the newsletter: HowickBoardNews Aug2014


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