Spring forward, fall back, Easter & Driving

StewartGreenTHBWell that was a marvellous summer!  Now the weather seems to be getting a little colder, and with the imminent change in day light saving Sunday 3rd March, we as a  community need to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour. With the weather changing and the darker evening’s people will be staying in doors. There will be less of the community keeping a watch for suspicious activity in our area.
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What’s been happening in Bucklands Beach and Pakuranga the last seven days?

ThiefTHBQuite a bit unfortunately

5 reports of goods taken from cars
4 cars stolen
3 stolen cars recovered (the good news)
15 houses burgled

  • The burglars took items from garden sheds
  • They entered homes through windows left open
  • Many of the burglaries were in the streets around the Plaza.
  • Residents are urged to be alert and make sure their houses and sheds are secure before leaving the property.

Want to form a Neighbourhood Support street group to help protect your street?

Contact Lyn on info@nsupport.co.nz or contact the community constables. We can help you get started and there is no cost to you.

Police Crime Prevention 101

March 2015 issue

PolicePayParadeThe following topics are in this issue, including a number of photos.  Click this link to read the full newsletter and view the photos.

Police Pay parade

Our annual Pay Parade was held on Friday 6 March in Pukekohe.  The tradition of the Pay Parade comes from the requirement for Police to march to the local magistrate’s office every fortnight in their dress uniform and pass inspection before getting their pay packet.

Vehicle Crime

You will have seen in the news recently that here have been a number of incidents throughout greater Auckland where young people have been seen in stolen vehicles.  There have been incidents of children as young as 13 found driving stolen cars in the middle of the night.  Earlier this week we apprehended a 16 year old who was driving a stolen car the wrong way on the Southern Motorway, crashing into an innocent motorist, thankfully not causing serious injury.

Burglary prevention

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to reiterate how important it is to secure your home to reduce the risk of burglary.  We are continuing to respond to reports of homes that have been entered through doors or windows that are left open.  These burglaries can easily be prevented

Safer Plates

Earlier this week four people appeared in Manukau District Court charged with a number of thefts of licence plates.  They would use the stolen plates to commit further crimes such as stealing petrol

Stolen Property

We are continuing to target the receivers of stolen property.  We encourage the use of crime prevention tools such as the SNAP, a website where serial numbers for items of value can be recorded and SelectaDNA, a forensic property marking tool.

Everyday Heroes

Our Everyday Heroes community event is coming up on Saturday 28 March and we would love to see you and your family there.  Everyday Heroes is a free event which this year will be held at Botany Town Centre between 10am and 2pm.  View the flyer

Suspicious Activities

We are aware that there have been occasions where members of the public have located a stranger on their property but Police have not been called because the suspicious person has then fled the scene.

Crime stoppers 0800 555 111

Remember if you don’t feel comfortable talking to Police you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 with any crime information.


Watch your drive way, and for young children

Car vs Pedestrian 19/3/2015

by Constable Darrin Heaven, Howick

DarrinHeavenTHBRoads are for cars, footpaths are for feet. At driveways and pedestrian crossings the two meet…

In this area alone there have been 4 incidents this year that I’m aware of where children have been struck by cars and then requiring hospitalisation.

Any time I hear a ‘car vs pedestrian’ job come across my Police radio I am filled with dread. Read on…….On the Beat Car vs Pedestrian 2015


Don’t snatch keys – even if tempted

How to report dangerous drivers

by Sergeant Sarah Hill – NZ Police

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently around the issue of people snatching keys off tourist drivers. The current perception is that tourists are over represented as the “at fault” drivers in serious crashes on New Zealand roads. However the figures do not support this current bias towards tourist drivers. Read the rest of this article here. DontSnatchKeys

Cyclone PAM update Sat 14th 3pm

Civil Def Auck CouncilGood afternoon,  (Sat 14th March 3pm)

Latest forecast information indicates that while other parts of New Zealand may be significantly affected by Cyclone Pam, Auckland will be spared from the most severe weather.  The following details are based on the most favoured track of Pam this morning and may change over the next 36 hours should the cyclone deviate from this course.

Click here to read about the forecasted impact on our community and the Gulf.


Cyclone Pam – latest update

Civil Def Auck CouncilPlease be aware that the forecast track of Cyclone Pam is still very uncertain at present.  The following specifics are based on this morning’s forecast run and are likely to change over coming days.


  1. From early Monday through to Tuesday, flooding of streams and rivers is possible in Auckland’s north-eastern catchments (north of Whangaparaoa Peninsula) and on Great Barrier Island.
  2. From Sunday evening, localised power outages, trees and lines down are expected.  Localised wind damage, particularly in the noted areas is a possibility.
  3. Coastal erosion and an inundation of low-lying coastal communities north of Whangaparaoa may occur during Monday.  Southern facing communities on Whangaparaoa may also be at risk.


  1. Between 6pm Sunday and 6pm Monday, expect between 60mm and 120mm of rainfall in north-eastern catchments, north of Whangaparaoa Peninsula.
  2. Great Barrier Island should expect between 80mm and 140mm of rain over the same period.
  3. Elsewhere in Auckland between 50mm and 100mm of rain is expected during this time.
  4. On Sunday afternoon winds will turn south-easterly (from easterly) and be gusting gale force around Great Barrier and the exposed Hauraki Gulf.  In these locations, mean winds will reach 90km/hr with gusts of 130km/hr possible.
  5. On Monday morning, winds are expected to turn southerly with gusts of 120km/hr possible across the whole region.
  6. Coastal communities north of Whangaparaoa will be exposed to large seas during Monday due to very low pressure and waves.

We strongly recommend that people stay up to date with forecasts as these are likely to change.  In summary, damage is a potential from Sunday evening in parts of the region.  No severe weather is expected until this time.

In addition, this event has the potential to be a very serious event for other parts of the North Island, including East Cape and Gisborne.

Jim Stephens
Emergency Management Duty Officer Civil Defence and Emergency Management – 13th March 9pm

Cyclone upgraded to maximun

Batten down the hatches – wild weather could hit us later this weekend

Cyclone Pam has been upgraded to the strongest storm category possible as it batters New Zealand’s neighbours and heads south.

North eastern parts of New Zealand were advised to brace for destructive weather in days ahead as a result of Pam.

See this NZ Herald site for the latest update.  11am Friday 13th Mar.

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