Burglary statistics for week ending 14th August

ThiefTHBBurglaries are up again his week by two.  Car thefts have dropped slightly, but thefts from cars have shot up which is a major worry if you are a tradesman and carry tools in your vehicle.

Here is the list of streets involved.  If your street is featuring and you would like to do something about it, contact Lynn on info@nsupport.co.nz and she will explain what a group of three or four neighbours can achieve if they work together.

Ten One – the NZ Police August 2016 newsletter

PoliceTenOneTHBNo. 405 August 2016

Welcome to the August 2016 issue of Ten One.

In this issue, we find out about Commissioner Mike Bush’s vision for a high-performance culture, share photos of our brilliant day celebrating the 75th anniversary of women in policing, look in at a royal residence as veteran officers’ service is recognised, see which of our people have earned New Zealand Bravery Awards and say farewell to one of our top detectives.  View it here….

MECOSS July Newsletter online

MecossTHBOut today – August’s newsletter is crammed full of interesting community news. Also included is an invitation to their 4th FREE Community Safety Breakfast to be held at the Howick Club, starting at 7:45am on Thursday, 25 August.

View it here……

Burglaries for week ended 8th August

BurglarTHBsmlA slight drop for house burglaries this week, and thankfully a bigger drop in vehicle thefts and the theft of tools etc from vehicles. View the  list of streets involved here…..

As usual we all need to be aware of what’s happening in our streets when we are home, and report unusual and suspicious activity so that the Police are able to gain a full picture of what is happening in our community. Ring 111 for events taking place, or 261 1300 for events that occurred earlier.


The Warehouse is supporting us

TheWarehouseTHBWe are very grateful to The Warehouse Pakuranga for allowing us to take part in their latest community fundraising drive ‘Bags for Good Neighbourhood Partnership’.

Please think of us when making a purchase at The Warehouse and vote for ‘Neighbourhood Support Bucklands Beach / Pakuranga’.

Burglaries report for last week

BurglarTHBsmlNot good news folks.  Burglaries are 8 more than last week, car thefts are up by 8, and thefts from cars are up 7.  Is your street on the list… View the list here.

If you see anything suspicious at all in your street please do yourself and your neighbours a favour and report it to the Police. We all need to report odd or worrying behaviour if we are to beat this epidemic.  Ring 111 if there is a crime happening now.  Ring 261 1300 if it is after the event.

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