Don’t drink and drive

PaulDevaneTwo of New Zealand’s great loves will clash from midnight on Sunday 30th November.

Kiwis suffer from something of a drinking culture. We also have a love affair with the motor vehicle. So I am hopeful that you will be well aware that a new law is being introduced, lowering the alcohol limit for driving a motor vehicle.

It may be timely to remind ourselves of the dangers of drinking and driving, particularly with the festive season rapidly approaching. The drink drive limit is being lowered for all drivers aged 20 years and over.

  • The current level of 400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath lowers to 250 micrograms.
  • The related blood alcohol limit of 80 milligrams (0.08) of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood is being lowered to 50 milligrams (0.05).

So how much can you drink and legally drive?  Read the whole article by NZ Police Sergeant Paul Devane
 Don;t drink and drive


Midnight Madness in Howick

Midnightmadness2014The Neighbourhood Support Committee attended the Howick Community ‘Midnight Madness’ evening and  distributed about 250 yellow balloons, answered many requests for information from local residents and signed up 15 new members.

It would be fair to say that the size of the crowd exceeded our expectations and our congratulations go to the organisers for creating a great evenings entertainment and a fun atmosphere.


Howick Local Board Newsletter Nov 2014

Shape Auckland HeaderLAPP – Local Approved Product Policy Consultation

Auckland Council is deciding where psychoactive substances (legal highs) can be sold once they are licensed by central government. Have your say on what you think about our plans. Find more information in our policies section.

Please use our online survey to have your say.

The consultation opens on Tuesday October 28 and closes at 4pm on Friday November 28, 2014.   Once feedback has been given, policy implementation is expected around mid 2015.

Read information about the following topics here:  Stakeholder Local Board Nov 2014:

Industry Pollution Prevention Programme Launches in East Tamaki
Hazardous Waste Collection Facility to open in Howick
Howick Library Weekend Opening Hours
Howick and Eastern Bus timetable changes
Howick Santa Parade details

Another Earthquake felt in Auckland

Civil Def Auck CouncilAt 11.33 am this morning (17th November) a 6.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded 100 km east of Te Araroa at a depth of 31km. The earthquake was lightly felt within Auckland, There is no threat of a tsunami to Auckland.

Paul Read
Emergency Management Duty Officer Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Take note – the alcohol limit is lower

Julia WilliamsTHBPlanning the key for boozy end-of-year functions

Actually it will lower as from the 1st December 2014, so be prepared and as Community Constable Julia Williams says in the article attached,

… it’s important to realise that one drink too many can lead to a whole lot of grief.

The critical amount of alcohol on your breath must not exceed 250 micrograms per litre of breath. The penalty if you are between 251 and 400 mcg is $200 and 50 demerit points.   Get up to 100 demerit points in two years and you’re walking, or frantically making alternative transport arrangement. Read Julia’s article  Alcohol limit lower from 1st Dec 2014 and keep yourself and your family safe this Christmas.


NZ Police 101 report for November 2014

tenonelogom.NZ Police Stakeholders 101 report

Click the link below to read the Police Superintendent John Tims report for November 2014.  The contents include:

  • Summers on it way
  • Car keys, trailers and cell phones
  • Suspicious activity
  • White Ribbon – Family violence
  • Car window washers
  • Parties
  • Drink driving campaign
  • Red Light means stop…..
  • Diwali feedback
  • Auckland Metro Police Awards
  • Everyday Heroes…..

Stakeholders Email 13 11 14


Earthquake felt in Auckland

Civil Def Auck CouncilAt 9.02am this morning, 13th November 2014,  a 2.7 magnitude earthquake occurred just east of Motutapu Island at a depth of 4km.

The earthquake was lightly felt with 44 people logging felt reports via the GeoNet website.  No reports of damage have been received.

Chris Wilkins
Emergency Management Duty Officer Civil Defence and Emergency Management
Auckland Council

Fireworks and bonfires – new bylaws in effect

In May 2014 the Auckland Council in New Zealand imposed a new bylaw to keep the beaches PaulDevane
and parks safe for everyone:

  • Fireworks are banned from public places unless authorised by the local board.
  • The ban came into force in May this year
  • It is aimed at protecting people, animals and property from the risks of fireworks.
  • Fireworks are now banned year round in public places across the whole of Auckland.
  • The only outdoor fires permitted in public places are cooking fires which must be contained in a BBQ, brazier, pizza oven or smoker.
  • Bonfires are not allowed on public or private property in urban areas.

For more details read this article by Sergeant Paul Devane
of the New Zealand Police at the Howick Police Station

Beware trucks and heavy machinery until next year (2015)

Watch your speed please…

(by Phil Toms – Ormiston Community Constable)

PhilTomsPoliceThere has been an increase in the number of road construction sites in the Counties Manukau East area of late.

Ormiston Road

On Ormiston Road, works have been progressing for the past few months and will most likely continue into 2016. We regularly receive complaints from construction workers regarding motorists ignoring the temporary speed limit. Could all who travel on this route slow down to the temporary posted speed of 30kmh. Trucks and heavy machinery are constantly crossing the road throughout the day and it takes a lot more force to stop a 20 tonne earth mover or a heavily laden truck than your half tonne SUV or car.

Murphy’s Road

Murphy’s Road is also under construction, so…     continued here……

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