Police TenOne – 2016


The July issue of the NZ Police TenOne magazine is now online. Click here….

Read how the huge Meths bust occurred in Northland last month, and also how the new Child Sex Offenders Registry will work  when it starts in August this year.

What you need to know about ‘Clan Labs’

By Sergeant Brett Meale – Howick Police

ClandestineLabsTHBThere has been a lot of media attention recently around both an extremely large seizure of
methamphetamine (meth) or P as it is commonly known, and the contamination of properties as a
result of the use or manufacture of meth.

Meth is manufactured in Clandestine Laboratories (clan labs). Clan Labs are generally found in
residential or industrial premises, although mobile or partial clan labs have previously been found in
vehicles, motels, caravans and campervans. Read how to identify a clandestine laboratory……

Auckland Unitary Plan – 2nd edition

Unitary Plan ThbSecond Edition 2016

Welcome to the second edition of Auckland Unitary Plan News, a regular update explaining the process for making final decisions on the Auckland Unitary Plan in August 2016.

In this edition we take a closer look at councillors’ decision making and what the Independent Hearings Panel will provide to the council when it makes its recommendations. And independent hearings on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan concluded last month after almost two years of mediations, hearings, and review of submissions and evidence.

If the future shape of Auckland is of interest, you won’t want to miss this newsletter. Its full of interesting information and timetables.  Read more here.

Prevention 101 – June 2016

Prevention101HDRThis months Prevention 101 magazine is now available. Keep up-to-date with crime trends and community efforts to prevent it. Read this issue…. now. It’s intended for families in our community.

Let trusted people in your neighbourhood know if you are away on holiday so they know to call Police if there is activity on your property when you are not there.
Preventing crime ….. is most effective when we work in partnership with our community. Watch out for your neighbours and get them to do the same for you.  Police Superintendent John Timms  Counties-Manukau Police



Crash analysts presentation fascinating

car crashTHBCrash Analyst Christopher Peet from the Counties-Manuaku Police took an hour out on Saturday the 18th June to talk to the Neighbourhood Support team about his work.  His chat and the videos were fascinating and eye opening, as none of those present realised the extent of the research and investigation the crash analysts do as they strive to determine what actually happened at serious vehicle crashes.

The air bags in your car are just that right?  Actually we learned that the recent models are computer driven and resemble the “Black Box” that air crash investigators look so hard to find.  The air bag box in a crashed vehicle tells the investigators a myriad of things.  Such as when the brakes were applied, the speed when they were applied, what speed the vehicle was doing at the moment of impact, and much, much more.  And talking of speed, we saw a video of a car hitting a crash dummy at 50km and again at 55km. The impact at 50km per hour resulted in serious injury.  The impact at 55km per hour was fatal.  A massive difference for a 5km per hour increase in speed. If you get the chance to hear Chris, take it…. It might save a life.

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