Police Alert for Farm Cove Residents

PaulDevanePolice have had information that the area of Farm Cove in Pakuranga is being targetted by criminals who break into cars and take valuables; and also stealing of cars, and they see the ‘area as a bit of a soft target’. 

Residents of Glenmore Road, Fisher Parade, Butley Drive, Bramley Drive and the surrounding streets are urged to be extra vigilant with vehicle security; to make absolutely sure valuables are removed from cars and if possible to secure vehicles off roadways and into driveways and even better into garages. Please advise them to be extra vigilant for possible suspicious behaviour and to phone Police (111) with any concerns.

There has been no marked increase in reported crime in the area and we want to make sure that if criminals commit crime in our area – they will be caught!

If you have relatives in the area mentioned above please let them know about this notice authorized by Sergeant Paul Devane of the Howick Police Station this evening.

Howick Local Board Oct Newsletter

Local Board Plan

HowickBoardHDG.The Howick Local Board Plan was adopted at the board’s business meeting last week. The plan was developed following consultation with the community and provides a strategic plan for the next three years. It reflects the priorities and preferences of the residents of Howick and guides how the board works and makes decisions, as well as informing the Council’s 10-year Long-term Plan. The Local Board Plan will be published in December. To view the plan Howick Local Board Web Page   Read more…. Local Board News Oct 2014

  • Celebrated Citizens award nominations sought
  • Labour Day rubbish collections
  • Out and About – Howick events calendar
  • Water Safety Bylaws come into effect Labour Day
  • Santa Parade
  • Midnight Madness
  • Village Lights
  • Stockade Hill Christmas Lights – lights on



You might like to know that….

The Neighbourhood Support Committee meeting was attended by a Community Constable on Thursday evening and the BurglarTHBsmlfollowing was mentioned  (which we thought worth sharing).

  • Car break-ins are still occurring in worrying numbers – don’t leave anything on view inside.
  • Theft during inorganic collections increases dramatically as ‘collectors’ take liberties, enter private property, and offer to help you clean up your section if challenged.
  • Tools are still being taken from tradesmen’s utes and vans parked outside overnight.
  • Bag snatching is trending up slightly and is occurring across the area.
  • Now that warm weather is with us, noise and alcohol abuse is on the increase at beaches. Report any incidences that worry you please.

Don’t invite thieves

AdeleWhite PoliceTHBBefore long we will be enjoying wonderful outdoor evening meals that are very much part of our kiwi lifestyle.

Unfortunately this often provides an open invitation to the wrong sort of guest. Burglars will take the opportunity to enter the house through any unlocked or open doors while the family is occupied outside, and remove precious items from inside the house.

Even if you are inside the house it is important to ensure that the doors and windows out of your view are kept locked.

Police have attended incidents where people have been in their houses in both daylight and during the night and someone has entered their house. Read more….. Don’t invite thieves
Adele White
Senior Police Constable
Counties Manukau East

Local Board gains new controls

HowickBoardNewsMarchPsychoactive substances outlets

The Auckland Council regional strategy and policy committee has voted to adopt its proposed draft policy on psychoactive substances and consult on plans that would see the sales of such products restricted thoughout the community. This would mean outlets could not be located near vulnerable sections of the community such as schools or treatment centres for mental health as an example.

Powers have also been delegated to the Local Community Boards to take legal action against applicants for a licence who want to establish themselves in the community. This is something the Local Boards could not previously do. The strict criteria that applies to such applications is documented in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

Teen party season is near

Take care during the silly season

PaulDevaneThe last term of the school year has begun. The weather is getting warmer, the days longer, and for senior students, they will be studying hard (hopefully) for their exams. What some people refer to as the silly season is approaching.

Parents are often faced with tough decisions about teenage parties at this time. Parties are part of growing up, yet no parent wants their teenager to be unsafe. Remember as a parent host you will have responsibilities and obligations to the guests and other parents.  Hints, tips and more from Police Sergeant Paul Devane  Teen party season near


Latest update from Civil Defence re Power Outage

Civil Def Auck CouncilCurrent Situation

    Vector has advised power to most customers has been restored.  Customers are still being asked to conserve energy as there are two more cables to bring into service over this afternoon and evening. 
There may be some areas in Orakei, St Heliers and Remuera that may have power interrupted during the peak demand period this evening.  Vector strongly recommends that people continue to conserve power in affected areas.

View Civil Defence Emergency status notice here

Significance and Engagement Policy

Public input is important in the development of council activities, plans and policies. 

HowickBoardHDG.This is to ensure they reflect the aspirations of residents, iwi and community groups and businesses-everyone who has a vested interest in Auckland’s future. 

 Auckland Council want to know how and when you except to be involved in shaping these kinds of decisions. 

 Please go to http://www.shapeauckland.co.nz/consultations/significance-and-engagement-policy/ to find out more and have your say before Sunday 19 October 2014.


Beware of crims in disguise

Call 111 if you see something remotely suspicious

KeithOlsenTHBIt’s not uncommon for criminals to disguise themselves so that the general public is fooled into thinking their actions are above board.

I’m not talking about wearing a balaclava or Lone Rangers mask. What I’m referring to are criminals who dress up as legitimate workmen and then go on to break into cars and commit burglaries.

The most commonly used disguise is wearing a workman’s ‘flouro’ vest. Criminals often wear this type of clothing to fool people into thinking they are meter readers, council employees, drainage contractors, pipe-layers or other kinds of workers.

Don’t be fooled by these disguises…… Read more here

Native Wood Pigeon census (sort of)

KeruruTHBGreat Kereru Count 2014.

I’m not sure if it’s just because they are outside my office bouncing around on the kowhai flowers but I have noticed that there seem to be a lot more round than usual, and so have others I have spoken to, even in suburbs where they never used to be.

It is the only bird that can swallow large berries like tawa, pūriri, miro and karaka, so it plays a key role in regenerating our forests, therefore it’s important to know where they are distributed and if they are spreading. The information collected will be shared with scientists, local bodies and community groups throughout NZ with an interest in kereru. This year there isa Kereru Count app for your phone, so you can report your sightings on the spot. To find out more, go to www.kererucount.org.nz, or watch this video. From Mags Ramsay Auckland Council Ranger’s newsletter

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