Police Ten One August 2015

Police Ten one is the NZ Police National Bulletin (issue 394)

In this issue there are 15 topics including the issuing of Taser guns to front line responders, the retirement of a top Police dog, and Psychoactive substances: The national outlook, which is causing some concern.

It’s a quick easy and well illustrated read , so view it all here…

Prevention 101 – Police newsletter Aug 2015

 Police tractotTHBThe Counties-Manukau Police newsletter for August 2015

Each month our local Police District distribute a newsletter about developments happening in our ‘patch’.  It ranges from rural policing (see the illustration), to 10 year olds being apprehended for handbag grabbing, and an absolute must watch video on ‘You Tube’ about ‘Sexual Consent’.  May we suggest that if you have older teenagers in your care that this educational and very clever 3 minute video clip could be required watching for them?

Here is a list of all the topics in the newsletter: Read the full newsletter here….

  • Operation Secure My Car
  • Rural Policing
  • Water and Rail safety
  • Online dating
  • Sexual Consent – It’s as simple as tea
  • Youth Crime – agencies able to help parents
  • Construction site security
  • Road Policing
  • New Mobile Neighbourhood Team working in Edgewater
  • Police National Day
  • Good news from the District

Neighbour Disputes

Julia WilliamsTHBBy Constable Julia Williams

I am sure most of you feel the same as me and regard your house as your safe place where we like our family to feel safe, secure and happy. Unfortunately there is a minority of people who seem to delight in making other peoples lives uncomfortable and often a misery. If you have a neighbour like this you can relate to what I am saying.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who has a neighbour such as this – someone who is harassing or intimidating you, here are some suggestions you can consider:  Click here to read more…

Howick Local Board August 2015 news

Howick Local BoardThe August issue of the board news is now available online.  The contents include:

  • Pakuranga Town Centre Master Plan approved
  • Halfmoon Bay ferry terminal project progress
  • Uxbridge redevelopment site progress
  • Maori Education proposal – tenders requested
  • Inorganic Rubbish Collect – Great news for residents
  • Sport and Recreation grants close mid Sept
  • Waste minimization fund grants available
  • Out and about – Free walks led by park rangers

And many more topics.  Click this link to read the newsletter.

Called 111? What happens next?

111THBYou called 111 or 261 1300 about someone or something in the neighbourhood that concerned you at the time, but nothing appeared to happen. Waste of time calling then. Right?

On the contrary. It’s vital that people report suspicious or worrying incidents and occurrences if we as a community are going to keep our property and ourselves safe.

Here’s why:

  1. All calls to 111 are logged and passed to the Police intelligence team, as well as the patrols if an immediate response if warranted.
  2. Police intelligence constantly look for patterns and if they…….  read what happens and learn why your call is really important.

Alcohol and the Police workload

AlcoholismTHBBy Constable Ian Willets
Depression and low self esteem are two of the most common psychological indicators among heavy drinkers.  With young people, and sometimes even adults, peer pressure is another factor which leads people to drink more than they can handle. Police are continuing to deal with a number of people who commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol. It is the most common recreational drug in New Zealand and approximately one third of all Police apprehensions involve alcohol. It is a major driver of offending, including violent crime, domestic violence, and sexual….. read more here…


To ring 111, or not ring 111?

 by Stewart Green, Botany Community Constable

StewartGreenTHBI regularly go to community meetings and hear stories of people in our community who witness various criminal activities but do not ring Police at the time. They state various reasons as to why they have not done so. These reasons vary from, “I thought the police would be too busy” or “I thought I would pop in and tell someone at the station later,” or “I just couldn’t be bothered and didn’t want to get involved”.

If you witness a crime that is taking place, ring 111 immediately! We need to know as soon as possible.  Read the complete article here….

Car Window Washers breaking the bylaws

DarrinHeavenTHBBy Community Constable Darrin Heaven

In brief, window washers operating at busy intersections are breaking an Auckland Council bylaw.

The bylaw operates in much the same sort of way animal control and noise control work

– Police and Council work together to try to minimise the negative impact on the community.  Read the full article here….

The window washers might appear to be enterprising but there is a dark side to their presence.

  • the brushes they use are often stolen from service stations
  • their very presence is intimidating to many motorists
  • they are a traffic hazard
  • occasionally they will damage cars of motorists unwilling to pay
  • sometimes items are stolen from cars stationary at the lights
  • the soapy solution damages the cars’ finish
  • motorists sometimes run red lights to avoid them
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