Who received 1.5 million visits on FaceBook?

The Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management Face Book Page, that’s who.

And why?   Remember cyclone PAM who visited Auckland a few weeks ago?  In the two days leading up to the PAM arriving, the Auckland Council’s Civil Defence Emergency Management Facebook page received 1.5 million visits.  A few naysayers said the CDEM team over-reacted.  But can you imagine what could have happened if the ‘PAM’ had changed direction and slugged us instead of giving us a passing swipe?

CDEMappTHBAnd here is another offering from CDEM.  It’s a smart phone ‘App’ that really is smart (and brand new).  Enter your loved ones contacts and assuming the cell towers are working, you can send a prearranged message to them letting them know if you are OK and where to meet up if you need to.  In the worst case, they will receive the message when the cell towers are repaired.

Why use it? Cell towers crash in an emergency because everyone is trying to contact family.  If we all used this ‘App’, the load on the cell towers could be reduced by about 80% as it only sends short text messages. Download it from ‘Google Plus’ or the ‘Apple App Store’.

Hot Spots in our neighbourhood

The following burglaries and car thefts occurred in our neighbourhood this last week. Week ending April 18th 2015

Hot spots theft apr 18 2015If your think your street is being targeted why not contact us at Neighbourhood Support on info@nsupport.co.nz

We can help you start a street group or assist you rejuvenate a existing street group and help you and your neighbours to take some positive actions to protect your property and assets.

Contact Lyn or the local Community Police.

Hotspots cars 18Apr 2015



You know what FLIR is don’t you?

Eagle Helicopter Team photoThe Eagle helicopter has a powerful new tool for prevention in the form of its upgraded forward-looking infra red (FLIR) capability.  “A lot of the time they can be on top of a situation and having a look at what’s going on before even being dispatched by comms.”

Metro Ops Manager Inspector Gavin Macdonald says FLIR’s effectiveness was immediately apparent, with 18 incidents attended and nine targets located on its first Friday night, rising to 27 incidents and 15 targets located two Fridays later.

“This shows an increase on results from before the new FLIR,” he says. “The expectation is this will continue as ASU staff get more and more familiar with the new equipment.

“It ensures we can detect offenders more quickly and hold them to account, which is good for victims and staff alike.”

Prevention 101 April 2015 – NZ Police

NZ Police LogoPrevention 101 THB

Back to School  – from District Commander John W Tims

It’s the beginning of term two, which means that we will start another “Back to School” operation. We will be making an effort to reduce truancy in our District by stopping and speaking with anyone who looks to be under the age of 16 who is not in school. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that all children are attending school as it is a legal requirement until you are 16 years of age. We will be following up with the schools in the first three weeks of each new school term to check up on the attendance of the targeted repeat truants.  Read the complete newsletter. 


Introducing Anson LIN, Community Constable at Howick.

I have just started in my new role as Highland Park Community Community Constable. I have worked in the Counties Manukau East area for the last six years. My pervious role was Public Safety Team Constable responding to “111” emergency calls. I migrated to New Zealand 15 years ago from China and fell in love with this country straight away. I am looking forward to utilising my experience and bilingual skills to deliver better service to our local Community. Read more here…..


Burglaries on the rise in Pakuranga

Are we doing our best to make our street safer?

ThiefTHBAt the April 2015 Neighbourhood Support Committee meeting last evening we learned that burglaries and the theft of cars is burgeoning in Pakuranga streets at the moment. The following seem to be the target of the burglars:

  • Tidy streets and houses, suggesting the possibility of readily saleable goods on site.
  • Jewellery in particular is sought after. It’s light and easy to take and dispose of.
  • Power-tools are also sought after and readily saleable.
  • Pre year 2000 cars are also at risk. No alarms, no security systems, no risk of noise.
  • The peak times for burglaries are Monday to Wednesday between 11am and 2pm and again from 12 midnight to 2am.

What can you do?

  • Contact Neighbourhood Support about starting a street group of about 8 to 10 houses beside and opposite you. info@nsupport.co.nz
  • We will help you organise a street meeting and arrange for Police to send a guest speaker.
  • Once you’ve started a street group, put up the free signs telling people a Neighbourhood Support Group is operating in the street. Add Neighbourhood Support stickers to your letter box and back door.
  • Always park your car in the drive if at all possible. Almost all car thefts and theft from cars involves cars parked out side on the street.
  • Get to know who of the residents is home all day and ask for their cooperation in noting non residents and unknown vehicles in the street and report them to the Police.

The Police alone cannot ensure the safety of our possessions. We need to help them, and in doing so  protect ourselves and our possessions.


ChariiesBannerTHBIf you belong to a voluntary organization and were wondering about registering as a charity, this newsletter might be helpful and clarify the rules and requirements.  Read it here.

Police Ten One Newsletter April 2015

No. 390 April 2015 – Welcome to this issue of Ten One.

tenonelogom.In this issue, we find out how detector dogs in Fiji will help improve New Zealand’s security, look back on the policing operation that helped make the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 a triumph off the pitch, meet some of the stars of the new series of Dog Squad, say farewell to the Iroquois helicopter and witness the presentation of Police’s highest honour.

You can also read Direct Line, Commissioner Mike Bush’s latest blog about Police issues.  Read the full newsletter here…….


Don’t be a burglary victim

By Community Constable Ian Willetts, Howick Police

ThiefTHBPolice are always concerned about burglaries in our community. Being the victim of a burglary can take its toll. In addition to financial loss, burglary victims can be left with the emotional scars as a result of these types of crimes. Victims of burglaries can experience emotions similar to those of victims of assault and other types of violent crimes. Police are actively committed in reducing victims of burglary and pursuing those responsible for committing such crimes. Read on….

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