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Neighbourhood Support: making our community safer through awareness, caring and reporting.


To build community through neighbourliness; to make our community safer through crime prevention; and to be a community ready to cope with a civil defence emergency.


The Neighbourhood Support network has its roots way back in 1979 when Neighbourhood Watch was introduced by the New Zealand Police as a crime prevention initiative. Back then the focus was on the prevention of household burglary and motor vehicle theft. Over thirty years later Neighbourhood Watch has developed into the Neighbourhood Support network and includes three primary areas of focus: knowing and caring about your neighbours, crime prevention and assisting with managing civil defence disasters. In the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, recent tsunami warnings, Tornados and winter floods, civil defence emergency preparations have becoming increasingly important. However, all three aspects of Neighbourhood Support are essential, intertwined and supportive of each other.
At Neighbourhood Support Pakuranga, Bucklands Beach, our committee members are excited about inspiring others to know their neighbours and to build community networks so people feel a sense of belonging, caring and safety within their community.

To learn more watch this 8 min video from Neighbourhood Support Rotorua.


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